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iLocus is an industry research group focussed on carrier grade telecom networks. Areas of focus include emerging telecom segments. As a researcher group, the company has been involved in several service launches, applications development, and research that led to investment involving millions of dollars worldwide.

An important aspect of iLocus business is research publications. iLocus produces research in form of data and data-analysis products under (1) KPO model and (2) Product/Service model. Within the KPO model, iLocus undertakes custom research and consultancy work for telecom companies. Customers include some of the largest telecom manufacturers worldwide. Within the Product/Services model, iLocus provides subscription services to its various quarterly/annual research updates and off-the-shelf report

Topic Coverage:

  • Nextgen Voice Networks
  • IPTV
  • Wireless
  • Mobile
  • Communications Processors Market
  • Enterprise Voice Infrastructure

Contact Information:

12 Factory Road,
Upper Soura,
190020 J&K,

T: +91 990 653 8924.

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