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Custom White Papers and Case Studies

Techra produces unique, high-quality white papers and case studies for leading IT and telecommunications vendors. We leverage our relationships and knowledge of the analyst community to produce white papers that put our clients’ messages in context with events and trends in the industry.

Data from several of our clients has shown that the white papers and case studies we create generate three-to-four times the number of leads compared to papers created in-house or using other writers!

Among our premium clients are:


For more information on our custom editorial services, please contact Linda Strong at 845-469-7529 or email her at

Web Site and Facebook Page Creation

Techra produces world-class web sites for businesses of any size. We developed web sites for  local businesses and non-profit organizations.

Techra also provides low-cost, high up-time hosting of all its clients’ websites.

Techra has created a Facebook presence for several non-profit organizations (the two trail sites listed above). Click on the links to see the Facebook widgets on their site and the hundreds of people that now “Like” their organizations!

Techra Analyst Firm Directory


#1 in Popularity, #1 in Search Results, Most Complete

The Techra Analyst Firm Directory has been available since 2005, and it has grown to be

  • The most complete analyst firm directory (over 650 firms)
  • The most popular analyst firm directory
  • First in search results on Google and other search engines

Use this link to go to the Directory.


Use the search box at the top of the page to search by firm name, topics, or location. For instance, you can search on “China” and “Cloud” to find China-based firms that cover Cloud Computing.

Read the official Press Release announcing the new revised Techra Analyst Firm Directory:


Freelance writers needed

Techra is working on a number of large opportunities that may require us to hire additional freelance writers. If you are an experienced writer that feels comfortable working with high-powered marketing and technical professionals to produce world-class content, please forward a brief resume and writing samples to

Note: Experience writing white papers and case studies is preferred.

All work performed by freelance writers for Techra is considered work for hire and you will receive a 1099 at the end of the calendar year. We pay competitive rates and all work is performed remotely. We have a methodology that we follow that assures consistently high-quality content for our clients.

Custom White Papers and Case Studies – Titles and Subtitles

Note: All company names have been replaced with XXXXX and all product names with ABCTitle:

Forget the shotgun and the rifle…
Use the laser accuracy of Ownership Targeting Signals

The Market For Hurricane Shutters
High Pressure from Insurance Companies Forces Homeowners in Coastal Communities to Install Shutters Or Face Financial Penalties

Hidden Dangers in the Mobile Worker Jungle
How IT Can Provide Fast and Secure Remote Access

The Alarming Shift in Cybercrime
How Organized Attacks Now Target Your Wallet

Avoiding Self-Inflicted Security Breaches Through Effective Hard Drive Decommissioning
Inadequate Data Destruction Can Result in Lost Business, Reputation, Civil and Criminal Liability

Ultra-Scalable Storage Provides Low Cost Virtualization Solutions
Flexible IP NAS/iSCSI System Addresses Current Storage Needs While Offering Future Expansion

How Resellers Can Help Their Customers Eliminate the Red Ink of the Third-Highest Office Expense
Low TCO and High Performance Makes Award-winning XXXXX Printers the Intelligent Choice for Resellers

Communicating During and After a Business Disruption Event

The Best of Both SAN Storage Worlds
Dual Mode Fibre Channel and iSCSI Networked Storage Solutions from XXXXX Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

Declaring Your SAN Independence
XXXXX’s ABC Dual Mode Storage Series Ends the Conflict Between Fibre Channel and iSCSI

Simplifying Storage for Remote Offices and SMBs
XXXXX’s ABC Offers Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Growing Storage Needs

Unprotected Computers: The Million Dollar Gamble
How Much Can Your Company Afford to Lose?

Ensuring Security Compliance for Your Laptop-Based Workforce
Protection, Compliance and Peace of Mind

Optimizing Assets: Essential Steps for Evaluating and Consolidating Servers and Data Storage
Effective Consolidation Can Reduce Costs While Increasing Security and Improving Service Levels

One Size Doesn’t Fit All
Tailoring Your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans to Suit Your Unique Needs

Don’t Let a Lack of In-house Expertise Stop your Company from Realizing the Benefits of Virtualization
XXXXX Offers Unparalleled Service and Experience in Providing the Best Virtualization Solutions

Using White Papers To Prosper in a Challenging Economy

Techra has released a new white paper titled “Using White Papers to Prosper in a Challenging Economy. Here’s a brief excerpt:

“In a challenging economy, your potential customers are reluctant to spend money on anything – and all of your competitors are generating a lot of noise trying to steal your existing customers. How can your firm rise above all the noise and get customers to spend money with you?

Studies have shown that white papers are one of the most effective sales tools – especially in a challenging economy. When times are lean, customers don’t want to hear a lot of marketing hype – they don’t have the time or interest in hearing another sales pitch. They want the common sense, no marketing-hype “hard” information that will help their business get through the challenging times.

White Papers can also fill in a gap when a company faces staffing reductions. Even with reductions in staff and/or budget, your company needs to stay in front of prospects and existing customers, or you might as well throw in the towel and give up. White papers stay in front of your customers even if your sales reps can’t, and they are a great way to show your clients and prospects that your company is still viable, is a thought leader in its field, and is worthy of their business.”

To get a copy of this new white paper, email your contact information to Jim Zimmermann – or phone 603-293-8188

Editorial Services For Analyst Firms

With the economic challenges facing the IT and telecommunications analyst industry, Techra, a leading creator of content for dozens of major technology companies, is pleased to announce a new service for analyst firms where our writers and editors can reduce your costs and increase the quality and quantity of your content. We accomplish this by writing reports and articles for your analysts and conducting other editorial and design services on a freelance basis. We have a senior team of full-time and part-time analysts and writers as well as overseas resources that we can draw upon to meet all of your content creation and editorial needs.

The Techra Analyst Firm Editorial Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing your raw data, interviewing your analysts, and creating drafts of reports
  • Taking your existing reports and re-purposing them to create new revenue opportunities
  • Creating tables, charts, illustrations and presentations based on your research.
  • Creating abstracts, summaries, or marketing materials for your research
  • Writing content for your web site, newsletters, blogs, etc.
  • Editing and proofreading of content (this is especially helpful if your firm utilizes analysts that do not have a good command of American English).

Please note that all our content creation and editorial services are conducted as “works for hire”, so your firm owns all the copyrights to the content and you are free to use the content however you see fit.

If you would like to learn more about Techra and our Analyst Firm Editorial Services, please drop a note to  or give us a call at 603-293-8188.

A look at Techra today

Techra’s business is comprised of several complimentary lines of business:

  • Analyst Firm Directory – Techra publishes the Web’s most complete and most visited analyst firm directory. The analyst directory is the number 1 Google search result for “analyst directory”. The directory contains well over 400 IT, Telecommunications, and high technology analysts.
  • Editorial Services – Techra is one of the premier editorial services firms, specializing in custom white papers, case studies and research reports  for technology vendors. Techra also provides a range of editorial services for analyst firms. Techra has efficient, well documented processes that are followed to assure consistently high-quality documents that  are delivered at competitive prices.
  • Custom Web Sites – Techra develops and maintains custom web sites for a number of businesses and non-profits. Techra uses the popular WordPress open source environment for web site development. Techra also provides hosting for its web site clients. The sites include:

Although Techra is considered one of the best at what we do, we have a reputation of offering fair and competitive prices for our services – and we always deliver on-time!

Techra Team

Jim Zimmermann – Founder, Owner, Sr. Advisor

Jim Zimmermann has enjoyed a long and varied career in the IT industry. During his 30+ years in the industry, Jim has worked for a variety of companies and has started and sold three successful startups. The startups were (in reverse chronological order):

  • Analyst Views – A media company that tracked the technology research market and the views of leading analyst firms. Sold the property to Bitpipe, who was acquired by TechTarget, who sold the product to Northern Light.
  • ERPSuperSite – A media company that provided a community destination for people involved in enterprise resource planning. Sold the property to TechRepublic, who was acquired by Gartner, who sold TechRepublic to CNET.
  • Full Color Computing – The first company to provide high-end photo retouch and color prepress software on Unix-based Silicon Graphics workstations. Sold the company to Alias Research, who was acquired by Silicon Graphics

During all of the startups, mergers, and acquisitions, Jim held various positions including Executive Editor of Analyst Information Products at Bitpipe,  Director of Content Licensing & Acquisition for TechRepublic, and Program Director for Electronic Commerce Strategies for IBM Global Services. Jim has also worked for Fujitsu, Mercator, Alias Research, Decision Resources, Ashton-Tate, and the technology companies of Dun & Bradstreet.

Prior to Jim’s involvement in the business-side of IT, Jim was an accomplished programmer and development director. His first job was to write Fortran programs for an environmental engineering firm. He then become an APL programmer doing statistical analyses for the firm. Through a series of interesting moves, Jim ended up writing the first commercially available email program for the brand-new IBM PC – developed on a prototype IBM PC with a wire-wrapped motherboard, 64K of memory, two 5 ¼ inch floppy drive (hard drives were not available for PCs then) and it used Western Union for communication (because there wasn’t any Internet available then).

Jim graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Natural Science and Math from St. Thomas Aquinas College in Sparkill, NY.

Email Jim


Linda Strong, Senior Writer, Editor and Project Coordinator

Linda is the author of seventeen published books, and has made numerous appearances on television and radio. She lectures at schools, libraries and for organizations across the country on topics as varied as the history of rockets to the in-depth role of specific regiments during the Civil War. She has given lectures at institutions such as the Smithsonian Institution and West Point, and was a featured speaker at the site of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Linda began her career as a Research Chemist for Fisher Scientific’s medical diagnostic division. From initial research through product development, to product launch and customer training, she was involved in all phases of the process, including document preparation and regulatory review. She was also the division’s senior writer for all news and product information for the company’s newsletter.

After receiving her Masters degree in English from Iona College, she began writing articles on science and history. By 1990, her career shifted away from the lab and she became a fulltime writer and lecturer. Linda also holds a Bachelor of Science from St. Thomas Aquinas College with dual majors in chemistry and English.

Email Linda

Techra History

Techra was founded in 1999 by Jim Zimmermann, a pioneer in the IT industry (See the Techra Team section for more information). Over the years, Techra has participated in many consulting engagements and the creation and sale of two successful web publishing businesses

Techra’s initial business was the creation of the first community web site for the Enterprise Resource Planning community – the ERPSuperSite. In the early days of the Internet, the ERPSuperSite grew to be one of the largest community sites on the web and it’s companion newsletter boasted over 25,000 subscribers. Techra sold the ERPSuperSite and newsletter to TechRepublic at the height of the dotcom boom. Jim joined TechRepublic as Director of Content Acquisition, and Techra remained idle for several years. After TechRepublic was sold to Gartner, and then again to CNET, Jim left to restart Techra.

Techra’s next venture was the creation of Analyst Views, the first web site dedicated to tracking the views of over 300 IT and telecommunications analyst/market research firms. The site and newsletter (the Analyst Views Weekly Report) grew in popularity and was the home page for executives at many leading vendors and analyst firms. Techra sold Analyst Views to Bitpipe to help them build upon their successful IT market research portal offering. Jim joined Bitpipe as Executuve Editor of Analyst Information Products where he helped grow Analyst Views into a leading destination for people looking for specific analyst reports and research. During this time, Techra was once again idle. Bitpipe was later sold to TechTarget, and TechTarget sold off the analyst products to Northern Light.  Following the sale to Northern Light, Jim left to re-start Techra again.Today, Techra is one of the leading creators of content for dozens of firms ranging from global Fortune 500 companies to startups. Techra specializes in writing world-class white papers, case studies, research reports, marketing copy and web copy. No matter what stage your company is in, or what challenges you are facing, Techra can produce the content that you need to get your message to potential buyers and to compel them to buy!

Techra has also compiled the largest directory of technology analyst/market research firms available for free on the web. The directory is searchable to allow visitors to locate firms in specific geographic regions and with specific areas of coverage.  Visitors can view detailed records on each firm and they can be formatted for printing or they may be emailed to colleagues. Techra uses its contacts in the analyst community to provide “third party”, trusted-source quotes and data for our clients’ content.

For more information on the many services offered by Techra to the vendor and analyst communities, please click on the “Our Services” link.

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