Welcome to Techra

Techra operates several complimentary lines of business:

  • Analyst Firm Directory – Techra publishes the Web’s most complete and most visited analyst firm directory. The analyst directory is the number 1 Google search result for “analyst directory”. The directory contains well over 700 IT, Telecommunications, and high technology analyst firms.
  • Editorial Services – Techra is one of the premier editorial services firms, specializing in custom white papers, case studies and research reports for technology vendors. Techra also provides a range of editorial services for analyst firms. Techra has efficient, well documented processes that are followed to ensure consistently high-quality documents that  are delivered at competitive prices.

Although Techra is considered one of the best at what we do, we have a reputation for offering fair and competitive prices for our services – and we always deliver on-time! Drop us a note to learn more.