Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc.

Fuji Chimera Research Institute


Japan has changed greatly over the past 40 years. Information processing and industrial systems have grown and changed enormously in their sophistication. We (FCR) have kept our finger on the pulse of this change. We have extensive background and experience in database development and analysis, conducting marketing research, and consulting on complex marketing issues. Our capability to collect and analyze raw data is second to none, as is the quality of our information. Let us provide your company with the latest market information on high-tech products, services and industries in Japan. We guarantee your satisfaction with our top-notch services, the quality of our products and our hospitality.

We serve our clients in the following areas: Field Research, Marketing Consulting, Marketing Research, Publication of Data Books, Monthly Market Reports.

Topic Coverage:

  • Japan
  • Home Electronics, Audio Visual, and Amusement/Entertainment Equipment/ Systems, Medium
  • Information/Communication Technology, Networking and Related Software
  • Electronic Devices/Components/Materials
  • Automobile, Automotive Parts/Accessories, Transportation and Storage
  • Civil and Architectural Engineering
  • Environmental Technologies/Systems
  • Chemicals, Plastics and Related Materials
  • Distribution Industry, Franchising and New Business
  • Various Cutting Edge Technologies
  • Food and Food Services
  • Medical and Diagnostic Test Equipment/Systems and Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics, Toiletries and Other Related Sundries
  • Health and Welfare Equipment/Systems
  • Home Building, House Equipment and Home Securities
  • Energy and Resource Engineering
  • Service Industries

Contact Information:

Uses form: http://www.fcr.co.jp/en/contact.html

URL:   http://www.fcr.co.jp/ (Japanese and English versions of site available)

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