Using White Papers To Prosper in a Challenging Economy

Techra has released a new white paper titled “Using White Papers to Prosper in a Challenging Economy. Here’s a brief excerpt:

“In a challenging economy, your potential customers are reluctant to spend money on anything – and all of your competitors are generating a lot of noise trying to steal your existing customers. How can your firm rise above all the noise and get customers to spend money with you?

Studies have shown that white papers are one of the most effective sales tools – especially in a challenging economy. When times are lean, customers don’t want to hear a lot of marketing hype – they don’t have the time or interest in hearing another sales pitch. They want the common sense, no marketing-hype “hard” information that will help their business get through the challenging times.

White Papers can also fill in a gap when a company faces staffing reductions. Even with reductions in staff and/or budget, your company needs to stay in front of prospects and existing customers, or you might as well throw in the towel and give up. White papers stay in front of your customers even if your sales reps can’t, and they are a great way to show your clients and prospects that your company is still viable, is a thought leader in its field, and is worthy of their business.”

To get a copy of this new white paper, email your contact information to Jim Zimmermann – or phone 603-293-8188