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Offering economic and financial analysis, forecasting, and market intelligence for over 200 countries.  IHS Global Insight Industry Intelligence covers the world’s industries with unparalleled expertise, market perspectives, and global analysis. In addition to our thorough global industry analysis and detailed U.S. Industry coverage, IHS Global Insight has expertise in all major industries.

Year Founded: 1959

Topic Coverage:

  • Country and Industry Forecasting
  • Energy & Power
  • Design & Supply Chain
  • EHS & Sustainability
  • Defense, Risk & Security
  • Commodities, Pricing & Cost

Contact Information:

IHS Inc.
321 Inverness Drive South
Englewood, CO 80112

T: +1 800 525-7052  Inside US
T:  +1 303 790-0600 Outside the U.S. & Canada

Email:  Uses form: http://www.ihs.com/about/contact-us/customer-care/index.aspx

URL:   http://www.ihs.com/

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