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We are technology acquisition consultants, strategic advisors, and Internet publishers on enterprise-class information technology and infrastructure.  We specialize in large servers (including Mainframes, Linux, UNIX, and Windows); enterprise storage solutions (including SAN, NAS, virtualization, tape, and storage appliances); and enterprise software (applications, database management systems, and middleware). In the last two years, about 50% of our business has been related to storage, storage networks, and storage-related software.

We are independent consultants and do not sell information technology products (hardware, software, etc.). We serve two client sets, to the betterment of both:

  • Helping mid-sized and large enterprises make the best information technology procurement decisions, in terms of identified business objectives, by focusing on each client’s specific situation and critical business requirements
  • Helping information technology vendors resolve strategic product and marketing issues by better understanding the business needs of the marketplace

Year Founded: 1993

Topic Coverage:

  • Enterprise servers and systems
  • zEnterprise, Linux, UNIX, and Windows
  • Enterprise storage solutions
  • Network-Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Storage-Area Networks (SAN)
  • Storage management and virtualization
  • Tape solutions, including virtual tape

Applications and Solutions

  • Enterprise business modeling
  • Data warehousing and data marts
  • Database management systems
  • E-commerce and e-business
  • Data center management
  • Enterprise systems/network management & security
  • Finance and banking systems
  • End User and Buyer Services

Business process reengineering

  • Operational readiness assessment
  • Open systems strategies and migration
  • Product/vendor selection criteria and proposal evaluation
  • Transition planning and implementation
  • Vendor/Distributor Services

Strategic assessment and positioning

Contact Information:

1 Forest Green Road
Rye, NH 03870

T: 781-235-0085 Ext. 121
F: 781-235-5454


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