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X Media Research is dedicated to delivering insightful and actionable market intelligence to technology decision-makers from technology companies, OEMs, service providers and content owners. Our market intelligence blends detailed analysis of the market forces, content distribution services and technology tradeoffs which impact emerging consumer electronics platforms.  X Media Research is unique in its ability to deliver comprehensive analysis which arms key decision-makers to plan, develop and deploy winning solutions to the market.

Topic Coverage:

  • Digital TVs with Streaming Media Capabilities
  • Digital Media Adapters
  • Portable Media Players (Audio and Video)
  • Customer Premises Equipment for IPTV Deployments
  • Home Networking Technologies for IPTV Deployments
  • Portable Content Servers
  • PC Chipsets, Microprocessors and Memory Architectures
  • Semiconductors
  • Wireless Networking Technology Integration into CE Platforms
  • Microprocessor, DRAM and I/O Performance Analysis

Contact Information:

1234 E. Seagull Dr.
Gilbert, AZ 85234

T:   +1 602-288-9077
F:   +1 801-214-1951

Email:   info@xmediaresearch.com

URL:   http://www.xmediaresearch.com/


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