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An independent division of The 451 Group, Tier1 Research was founded in 2000 to provide an alternative source of global competitive research and investment insight. We are a single-source advisory firm covering the multi-tenant datacenter, hosting, IT and cloud computing sectors, blending the best of industry and financial research.

Our research products integrate the issues and events of both public and private firms, complemented with access to our analysts and a powerful set of online tools to access specific information to aid in critical decision making.

We aggregate the perspectives of public/private investors, vendors and customers to deliver concise analysis and recommendations to the vendors, service providers and investors in the outsourced managed IT Infrastructure services industry. Largely recognized as the leading research firm in this sector Tier1 Research’s customers include prominent investment banks, equity investment firms, the world’s largest software and hardware vendors and leading hosting, managed services and telecom providers.

Year Founded:  2000

Topic Coverage:

  • Multi-tenant datacenter
  • Hosting
  • IT
  • Cloud computing

Contact Information:

URL: http://tier1research.com/


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