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J.P. Voortman Inc. believes that focus and detailed industry knowledge are imperative in today’s investment climate.  With technology becoming more complex and individual company research requiring more face time, it is often difficult for one technology analyst or manager to monitor all of the industry trends that influence critical investment decisions.

J.P. Voortman Inc. assists its clients by providing them with concise independent research and consultation on individual companies and trends while also acting as their “analyst on the road”. Our research approach does not intend to replace in-house analysts, sell-side research, or research services, but to supplement them by providing access to the most current competitive positioning intelligence – from an independent, comprehensive, and global perspective.

Topic Coverage:

  • Semiconductor Industry

Contact Information:

J.P. Voortman Corporation
8760A Research Blvd.
Austin, Texas 78758

T: 1-512-426-1603
Email:   info@jpvoortman.com

URL:  http://www.jpvoortman.com/

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