GT&A Strategic Marketing, Inc.

GT&A Strategic Marketing LogoDescription:

GT&A Strategic Marketing Inc. is a marketing, branding, strategy, communications, content development, and startup advisory consulting firm. The company’s Founder & President is Graeme Thickins.The firm has worked with more than 100 successful emerging technology firms over two decades,including many successful Internet and e-business firms since 1995. Particular areasof recurring focus have been storage, networking, software, Internet, and IT services.

Year Founded: 1982

Topic Coverage:

  • Naming and branding (companies, products, services)
  • Domain strategy, naming systems, brand architecture
  • Startup and business plan assistance
  • Business development, partnerships, alliances
  • Internet and e-commerce strategy
  • Web site planning & information architecture
  • Publishing, writing, and editorial services
  • Content development, strategy, execution
  • Community-building strategy & best practices
  • Company launch & product announcement strategy
  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Positioning or repositioning strategy
  • Marketing program execution
  • Industry analyst relations
  • Public relations counsel & agency search consulting
  • Timely market and competitive intelligence
  • Executive recruitment assistance

Contact Information:

T: 952/944-9748





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