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The premier market intelligence and advisory firm in the embedded technology industry, Embedded Market Forecasters (EMF) is the embedded market research division of American Technology International, Inc.

We specialize in providing high-quality data and expert analysis to support our clients’ ability to assess the opportunities, risks, and competitive issues involved with developing and deploying embedded technologies.

EMF has extensive experience providing both multi-client and custom research on topics including embedded boards, buses, software, hardware and development tools markets as well as embedded technology applications including embedded systems, digital signal processors (DSPs), FPGAs, single board computers, communications/IT, and multimedia.

Topic Coverage:

  • embedded boards
  • buses
  • software
  • hardware
  • development tools markets
  • embedded systems
  • digital signal processors (DSPs)
  • FPGAs
  • single board computers
  • communications/IT
  • multimedia.

Contact Information:

257 Worcester Road, #500
Framingham, MA 01701

T: 508-881-1850

Email:  info@embeddedforcast.com
URL:   http://www.embeddedforecast.com/

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