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effinfo.com was founded in 2003 by Nicolas Bürki, former senior analyst at Giga Information Group (now Forrester).

These days, business and technology see such rapid change that no organization can consistently make the right decisions without expert research and advice. Leading organizations worldwide use our research and opinions to make Web-related decisions; our documents are regularly among the top 10 most read research documents on Bitpipe.com and PcPro.co.uk. We are also consistently quoted on a wide range of IT portals.

Our research offer unparalleled access to Web, Intranet and Portal research specifically geared to the unique needs of executives responsible for their Web applications.

Since the launch of effinfo.com in spring 2004, our online community constantly grows and thousands of business readers benefited from our research articles.

Year Founded: 2003

Topic Coverage:

  • Intranet
  • Portals
  • Web Governance
  • Web Usability
  • Web Projects
  • Web Analytics
  • Web Strategy

Contact Information:

20, chemin du Billadou
LE ROURET, F-06650

T: 33 (0)6 83 30 46 33
F: +33 (0)4 93 77 79 77

Email:  info@effinfo.com
URL:  http://www.effinfo.com/

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