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Strategies is a virtual partner for companies wanting to succeed in the digital economy. We advise and assist digital printing vendors, printing press manufacturers, image processing software & silicon players, and large user industries on strategic practices for entering new markets and capturing new customers.

Our consultants are innovators and act as catalysts for new markets. They have diverse technical and commercial backgrounds in the e-business, digital printing and graphics communication industries. We emphasize a one-on-one working relationship between clients and consultants so clients can truly leverage the experience and knowledge of I.T. Strategies’ experts.

We are often, on a confidential basis, involved in mergers and acquisitions providing market and technology due-diligence.

I.T. Strategies’ consultants have been working together for more than 15 years. They have extensive and close industry relationships in Japan, East Asia, the US, and Europe. In addition to the headquarter office in the US, I.T. Strategies has staff in Tokyo, Japan.

Topic Coverage:

  • Wide & Grand Format Digital Printing
  • Industrial Inkjet Heads
  • Plastic Electronics
  • Industrial Printing Opportunities for Digital Printing
  • Variable Data Direct Mail
  • Textile Industry Opportunities for Digital Printing
  • Industry Wide Trends

Contact Information:

51 Mill Street
Suite 2
Hanover, MA 02339

T: 781 826-0200
F: 781 826-0151

Email:    hakozaki@it-strategies.com

URL:   http://www.it-strategies.com/

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