CIMI Corporation

CIMI Corporation
Bringing Focus to Technology 


CIMI Corporation is a full-service TMT consulting firm that provides strategic product, service, market, and positioning guidance to service providers, equipment/software vendors, and select enterprises.  We’ve operated since 1982, undertaking projects ranging from extensive software development to the crafting of PR plans and programs.  It’s our mission to combine a solid understanding of technology detail with a broad set of market surveys and a well-developed computer model of the TMT market economy.  All of this lets us address every dimension of a project, from the technical side to the promotional.

Many strategic consulting and analyst firms produce regular syndicated research products, but we’re not a typical consulting/analyst firm.  We may produce syndicated reports on special topics under special situations, but we believe that the TMT market requires a different kind of approach.  Thus, we offer two primary information products; a monthly technology journal (Netwatcher) and a premium blog that’s updated virtually every day with insights and commentary on the most significant market events (TMT Advisor).

Year Founded:  1982

Topic Coverage:

  • Network Market
  • Market Intelligence

Contact Information:


T:  +1 856 335 5137



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