Our Services

Techra provides a wide range of content creation and editorial services for clients. Below is a brief overview of some of the services we offer. If you have questions about any of these services or if you have needs that are not addressed by these services, please contact Jim Zimmermann (jim@techra.com or 603-293-8188) to find out how we can be of assistance.

Web Site Creation and Social Media Presence

Web sites – Techra creates world class web sites for local businesses and non-profit organizations. Here is a list of some recent websites we’ve created:

Social Media – Techra has created Facebook pages that have resulted in hundreds of “Likes” for the WOW Trail and the Winnipesaukee River Trail (click on the links above to see the Facebook widgets on their sites).

Editorial / Writing Services

White papers– Techra writes the most effective white papers in the industry. Although we specialize in IT and telecommunications-related topics, as professional writers we can write white papers on virtually any topics (for example we wrote a major white paper for a company that was entering the “hurricane shutter” business. The paper we wrote for them was used as support for their business plan and was a major tool in their conversations with potential investors.)

Case Studies – The experienced writers/analysts at Techra produce high quality case studies based on the successes experienced by your customers. We can handle the entire process including conducting the customer interviews, getting written permission to quote the customers, etc.

Ghost Writing -For busy professionals and senior executives, Techra can interview executives and then write draft of articles and reports that the executive can “brand” as their own content. Techra will even ghost write blogs and other regular messages for executives.

Analyst Firm Editorial Services – With the economic pressures facing the analyst community, Techra now offers a range of editorial services to help analyst firms stay competitive.

Analyst Firm Tracking

Techra maintains the largest and most complete directory of IT and Telecom analyst firms available on the web. The directory is available for free and it can be searched for firms that match specific requirements.

      To learn more about any of Techra’s services, please contact us via email at


      or by phone at 603-293-8188.