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WaveLength Market Analytics helps technology and communications firms understand, quantify and capitalize on new market opportunities by using analytics. Because our work relies primarily on data and not opinion, we provide fact-based clarity to expedite market entry, target marketing resources, reduce risk, drive sales and move your business forward. Thorough analysis of data – is the first key. Understanding how results change what your company should do – how you apply them – is the second. We don’t just dump numbers on you, we help you understand their relevance and how they can change your business.

Year Founded:  2001

Topic Coverage:

  • Enterprise hardware and software
  • Middleware
  • VOIP
  • HR
  • ERP
  • Security
  • Internet
  • VPN
  • Enterprise WAN & wireless
  • Managed network
  • Security
  • Consumer portals
  • IPTV, mobile TV
  • Convergence

Contact Information:

8000 Towers Crescent Drive, Suite 700
Vienna, Virginia 22182

T:   +1 703.237.0599

Email:  info@wlanalytics.com

URL:  http://wlanalytics.com/


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