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With our telecom analysis, we provide in-depth, independent insight and market intelligence for the hot topics in the telecoms industry. Specialising in wireless, we provide analysis on the latest developments globally on 4G and LTE. Please read our wireless blog for insight on the latest industry developments.

Building on our in-depth analysis of the telecommunications market, we undertake telecommunications consulting, advising on all aspects of telecom strategy.

Working with leading international law firms, we provide telecom expert witnesses for major patent disputes in the mobile industry, associated with GSM, DECT, UMTS, CDMA and LTE.

Year Founded: 2001

Topic Coverage:

  • Mobile
  • Telecommunications (telecom)
  • 4G
  • GSM
  • DECT
  • UMTS
  • CDMA
  • LTE

Contact Information:

Unwired Insight
Huntingdon Business Centre
Blackstone Road
PE29 6EF
United Kingdom (UK)

T:   +44 (0) 1480 819391
F:   +44 (0) 1480 273985

Email:   contact@unwiredinsight.com

URL:    http://www.unwiredinsight.com/


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