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UBM TechInsights is the leading provider of sophisticated information and advice to technology companies. We assist in the management of technology and intellectual property portfolios, ensuring the reduction of risk and maximizing return on investment over the entire IP/Technology Lifecycle. Our leadership is founded upon integrity, and sustained investment in the capabilities to meet our clients’ evolving needs. When companies need support in managing their most complex technology or IP challenges, they turn to UBM TechInsights for assured results

Topic Coverage:

  • IP / Technology Lifecycle
  • Automotive
  • Clean Technologies
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Investment Community
  • Legal
  • Medical Devices
  • Semiconductors
  • Software

Contact Information:

UBM TechInsights – Ottawa
3000 Solandt Road
Ottawa ON Canada K2K2X2

T:   +1 613 599 6500
F:   +1 613 599 6501

Email:   rwaterhouse@ubmtechinsights.com

URL:    http://www.ubmtechinsights.com/


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