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Smaby Group was formed to deliver strategic advisory services to Cxx-level executives at technology market leaders like AT&T, HP, IBM, and Intel, as well as to high-profile entrepreneurs. During the 1980s, Smaby Group offered an array of specialized market intelligence and strategic advisory services designed to keep clients abreast of the emerging trends that were shaping the technology landscape. In 2000, Gary broadened the scope of Smaby Group’s core business by joining three former CEOs to create a seed-stage venture capital fund called Quatris, in partnership with the venture arm of what is now St. Paul Travelers Insurance.

Year Founded: 1989

Topic Coverage:

  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Grids
  • Clusters
  • Proteomics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Quantum computing

Contact Information:

Smaby Group, Inc.
700 South 2nd Street / Suite 70
Minneapolis, MN 55401-2267

T:    612.333.0002




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