Neurotech Reports

Neurotech Reports


Neurotech Reports is dedicated to providing business and technology professionals up-to-date and forward-looking information about the field of neurotechnology and future developments that will affect the venture capital, research, and start-up communities.

Neurotech Reports serves the scientific, medical, engineering, and financial communities interested in developing the new field of neurotechnology. This includes entrepreneurs interesting in launching new firms, existing biotechnology and medical device manufacturers interested in branching into a new market, scientific and engineering professionals interested in applying their skills to this new market, and venture capitalists seeking worthwhile funding opportunities.

Topic Coverage:

  • Neurotechnology (The application of electronics and engineering to the human nervous system)

Contact Information:

Neurotech Reports
461 Second St. #124
San Francisco, CA 94107

T:  +1 415 546-1259
F:  +1 415 358-4264



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