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We provide a range of qualitative and quantitative research services that result in our clients gaining a clear understanding of what their global customers and prospects need and value.

Our 3 core competencies are:

1. Solid, proven research methodologies.
2. Deep expertise with a wide range of technologies (see our client list).
3. Expertise in conducting projects in North America AND key international markets.

Topic Coverage:

  • Rich Internet applications and reporting solutions
  • TCP/IP offload engines
  • High-performance storage systems
  • Test automation solutions
  • Sparc-based notebook computers
  • IT infrastructure and IT management
  • Systems management appliances
  • Fault-tolerant computing and IT infrastructure management solutions
  • Accelerating application performance over the WAN Enterprise class C++ components
  • Email access, routing, security, storage solutions and services
  • Enterprise computing systems, software and services
  • Configurable processors
  • Key business indicator alerts and analytics
  • Embedded systems device software optimization

Contact Information:

Oakland, CA

T: 1 510 420 1848



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