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Interpret is the leading cross-media market research firm. The company applies proprietary, cutting-edge methodologies and extensive category knowledge to help clients plan, test, and measure business strategies in the fast-evolving media landscape. Interpret’s innovative focus on evaluating and measuring the intersections of content, technology, advertising and consumer behavior has attracted significant players across the media and entertainment landscape, including leaders in the home entertainment, consumer electronics, video game, digital media, mobile content, theatrical and advertising industries. Interpret’s unique combination of syndicated measurement products and custom market research services provides a common language across media for the key stakeholders of the digital age.

Topic Coverage:

  • New Media
  • Games & Technology
  • Digital Advertising
  • 3D

Contact Information:

227 Broadway, Suite 300
Santa Monica, CA 90401

T:  +1 310-255-0590
F:  +1 310-255-0591



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