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HfS Research is the foremost advisory analyst firm and social networking community, focused on helping enterprises make complex decisions with their business process and IT outsourcing strategies.

With 43,000 subscribers, HfS Research is the most visited global collaborative community platform in the global services industry, providing rapid and insightful commentary, analysis and debate of enterprise outsourcing dynamics. The organization is unique in the fact that it integrates personable social networking with market research and advisory services.

The HfS mission is to provide a unique environment for collective research, opinion, experience and knowledge across the global outsourcing industry, and to help enterprises explore new performance thresholds. Led by industry expert Phil Fersht, the HfS Research team is a multi-disciplinary group of analysts across North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific regions, with deep domain knowledge in Business Process Outsourcing, Information Technology Services and Cloud Business Services.

Year Founded: 2007

Topic Coverage:

  • Outsourcing
  • Shared Services
  • Cloud Computing
  • As a Service


Contact Information:

T: +1 800 449 4206
T: +1 617 440 5172

Email: info@HfSResearch.com
URL: http://www.hfsresearch.com/

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