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Zettics provides precise measures of Mobile Internet usage. As the only mobile measurement company to use True View™, a patent-pending, census-based methodology to provide actual usage data aggregated from millions of subscribers, Zettics allows mobile operators, publishers and marketers to better understand and optimize their businesses, and sets the standard for Mobile Internet measurement.

As the mobile medium continues to mature, the methods used to measure it must evolve as well. Estimates and projections no longer suffice when millions of dollars are being spent by advertisers, publishers and mobile operators. Zettics measures actual Mobile Internet usage, resulting in data that can be trusted by stakeholders in the mobile media industry.

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  • Mobile Internet

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150 Baker Ave Extension
Suite 201
Concord, MA 01742

T: +1.978.254.5329
F: +1.978.254.5398

Email:   info@zettics.com

URL:  http://www.zettics.com/

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