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Decision Analyst is a leading, global marketing research, and analytical consulting firm, serving a number of corporations, advertising agencies, and consulting firms. The name, Decision Analyst, reflects the company’s decision-oriented, analytical corporate philosophy.

The firm conducts multinational studies on an array of topics, spanning industries from packaged goods to high technology. The firm places great value on hard work, meeting deadlines, and staying within budgets. The nexus of Decision Analyst’s efforts is decision-oriented marketing research and analytical consulting—focused on helping its Clients build and sustain a winning business model. Research must lead to decisions, to actions, that improve the long-term chances of success. The education and training of our staff reinforce this decision-analytical and business model emphasis. Decision Analyst seeks the synergy inherent in combining qualitative research, quantitative research, DecisionSystems™, secondary data, economic analysis, and advanced analytics (marketing science and operations research techniques), as guided by the objectives of each research project.

Topic Coverage:

  • Primary market research
  • Economics
  • High Technology
  • Consumer Packaged Goods

Contact Information:

Decision Analyst
604 Avenue H East
Arlington, TX 76011-3100

T:   1-817-640-6166
F:   1-817-640-6567



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