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Connection Research was founded in 2005 to conduct research into changing technologies in the home and in the commercial space. In 2008 our emphasis expanded into environmental and sustainable issues, at the domestic, consumer and corporate levels.

We believe sustainability to be the most important issue facing individuals, business and society in the 21st century. Our research activities are directed towards supporting our clients in understanding the key issues involved and in developing strategies to confront those issues.

Our range of activities is broad, in each of our four areas of Community Sustainability, Green IT, Building Industry & Trades, and Carbon & Compliance. We conduct customised and syndicated market research projects, with a strong emphasis on primary research – direct surveys of consumers, tradespeople and professionals.

Year Founded: 2005

Topic Coverage:

  • Sustainability
  • Green IT
  • Environmental
  • Building Industry
  • Carbon & Compliance

Contact Information:

PO Box 89
Mascot NSW 1460

T:  +61 2 9467 9800
F:  +61 2 9437 6955

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