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Collaborative Product Development Associates, LLC (CPDA)


For over nineteen years, Collaborative Product Development Associates, LLC (CPDA), and its predecessor D.H. Brown Associates, Inc., has been instrumental in providing organizations with the latest in-depth, objective information for assessing technology, business goals and objectives, and implementation road maps for engineering and manufacturing. Our collaborative research programs pool and leverage the efforts of top software designers and leading-edge users, coordinated by experienced analysts, to keep you up-to-date on mainstream developments at a fraction of the cost of direct consulting. Our key differentiation from other analyst firms is our specific, deep, and pragmatic approach to the market, and our hands-on understanding of the technology required to drive successful implementations.

Driven by accelerated technological innovation and intensifying international competition, design cycle times and engineering costs have become the determining factors for success – indeed for survival. The technological explosion supports unprecedented opportunities for world-class corporations, but demands far greater discipline and attention to detail. CPDA provides its clients with a high-level, balanced perspective. The firm’s analysts possess the technical depth required to recognize tactical and strategic opportunities that fully capitalize on existing and emerging technology.

Topic Coverage:

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Product Value Management (PVM)
  • Collaboration

Contact Information:

44 Summit Road, Suite 101
Riverside, CT 06878

T: (203) 698-9323
Toll Free: (800) 573-4756


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