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As experts in the power & energy utilities sector, we bring experience, analysis, and clarity to each of our consulting engagements. We offer a collaborative focus on developing innovative approaches and highly executable strategies for our corporate clients. We create the tactical market and business development plans, supported by proven market forecasting capabilities, insightful analytics, targeted segment research reports and databases, covering both specific interests, as well as the full range of market opportunities available to our clients in a dynamically changing industry.

C Three’s longstanding reputation for quality and accuracy is demonstrated in our increasing number of key segment research reports on the industry, and in our growing family of web-developed, web-deployed database products. We provide our clients with maximum access, flexibility, and navigability to efficiently drill down in the data and provide meaningful detailed information for electric transmission and distribution projects, gas transmission projects, conventional and renewable power plants, and electric and gas state regulatory and rate case benchmarks. We painstakingly track and monitor these projects on a continuous basis from development, through licensing and construction until they are fully operational.

Year Founded: 1998

Topic Coverage:

  • Power & energy utilities

Contact Information:

7 Piedmont Center, Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30305

T: 404.233.855
F: 404.759-2247

Email:  info@cthree.net
URL:   http://www.cthree.net/

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