Techra History

Techra was founded in 1999 by Jim Zimmermann, a pioneer in the IT industry (See the Techra Team section for more information). Over the years, Techra has participated in many consulting engagements and the creation and sale of two successful web publishing businesses

Techra’s initial business was the creation of the first community web site for the Enterprise Resource Planning community – the ERPSuperSite. In the early days of the Internet, the ERPSuperSite grew to be one of the largest community sites on the web and it’s companion newsletter boasted over 25,000 subscribers. Techra sold the ERPSuperSite and newsletter to TechRepublic at the height of the dotcom boom. Jim joined TechRepublic as Director of Content Acquisition, and Techra remained idle for several years. After TechRepublic was sold to Gartner, and then again to CNET, Jim left to restart Techra.

Techra’s next venture was the creation of Analyst Views, the first web site dedicated to tracking the views of over 300 IT and telecommunications analyst/market research firms. The site and newsletter (the Analyst Views Weekly Report) grew in popularity and was the home page for executives at many leading vendors and analyst firms. Techra sold Analyst Views to Bitpipe to help them build upon their successful IT market research portal offering. Jim joined Bitpipe as Executuve Editor of Analyst Information Products where he helped grow Analyst Views into a leading destination for people looking for specific analyst reports and research. During this time, Techra was once again idle. Bitpipe was later sold to TechTarget, and TechTarget sold off the analyst products to Northern Light.  Following the sale to Northern Light, Jim left to re-start Techra again.Today, Techra is one of the leading creators of content for dozens of firms ranging from global Fortune 500 companies to startups. Techra specializes in writing world-class white papers, case studies, research reports, marketing copy and web copy. No matter what stage your company is in, or what challenges you are facing, Techra can produce the content that you need to get your message to potential buyers and to compel them to buy!

Techra has also compiled the largest directory of technology analyst/market research firms available for free on the web. The directory is searchable to allow visitors to locate firms in specific geographic regions and with specific areas of coverage.  Visitors can view detailed records on each firm and they can be formatted for printing or they may be emailed to colleagues. Techra uses its contacts in the analyst community to provide “third party”, trusted-source quotes and data for our clients’ content.

For more information on the many services offered by Techra to the vendor and analyst communities, please click on the “Our Services” link.

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