Profundus Consulting Ltd.



Profundus is a specialist consultancy dedicated to providing research services, strategic advice and fast-track implementation programmes.

But Profundus is not an ordinary consultancy with expensive offices and high overheads. It is an international network of consultancies which have agreed to work together to provide the most reliable, flexible and cost-effective service to our clients.

While Profundus is a UK-based company, it has also has undertaken work throughout Western Europe and much of Central and Eastern Europe, along with the Middle East, USA, China and Australia.

Profundus provides marketing services, primarily to the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) industry, to the public sector and also works in partnership with other consultancies worldwide.

Year Founded:  1991

Topic Coverage:

  • market studies
  • satisfaction surveys
  • market modelling
  • market testing
  • business planning
  • product launches
  • market entry strategies
  • acquisition studies
  • distribution strategiespromotion support

Contact Information:

Profundus Consulting Ltd.
Brynteg, Clay Lane
Berkshire RG7 5PD
United Kingdom (UK)

T: +44-118-971-2948



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