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Web-Feet Research (WFR) is a professional services organization that assists clients in the semiconductor, electronics and finance industries build value, solve complex business problems, and enhance their ability to improve performance.

The company has consistently identified the emerging trends in the electronics industry and has been the first to forecast their impact in the Flash and nonvolatile memory markets since its inception in 2000.  Some of WFR’s firsts are in the following areas: SSD, Flash cache/Hybrid Flash, Embedded Flash Drives, Ultra Low Cost PC, Mobile storage, MP3, NAND MCP, USB Drives, Flash SIM cards, micro Flash cards, and serial NOR Flash.

Year Founded: 2000

Topic Coverage:

  • Flash & Non-Volatile Memory

Contact Information:

Web-Feet Research, Inc.
769 Madison Street
Monterey, CA 93940

T:   831.373.1985
F:   831.648.8279

Email:   alan.niebel@web-feetresearch.com

URL:   http://www.web-feetresearch.com/


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