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THT Research (formerly Taiwan High Tech Research) is the world’s leading authority on contract manufacturing (OEM/ODM) and M&A relationships in the global information technology (IT) industry. The OEM industry is constantly evolving, and current, reliable information is difficult to obtain. Established in 2001, THT provides comprehensive research and analysis through its on-line subscription database and through custom research and consulting projects. THT is quoted regularly in the business and information technology press, including BusinessWeek Magazine, The Korean Times, CHIP, Network World and Electronic Business

THT’s coverage offers data and expert insight on the global IT contract manufacturing phenomenon as no other source can. Our extensive contract manufacturing database covers over 12,000 companies, their customers, affiliates, subsidiaries and parent companies. Data on companies covered includes product lines; contract manufacturing partners and suppliers; manufacturing facilities and capacities; shipment, sales and finanicial statistics; and mergers and acquisitions. This combination of in-depth data on individual companies and data that shows the network of relationships among IT OEM/ODM companies provides our clients with the specific data they need as well as a broad view of the industry.

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  • Contract manufacturing (OEM/ODM)

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