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Technology Research Institute, Inc. (TRI) is a “boutique” market research firm that focuses on the telecom billing and OSS marketplace. As a small research firm, our business rides on the success of every research report we publish. Our full satisfaction guarantee means that if clients don’t like our work, we’d be out on the street faster than you can get a parking ticket in Boston. Instead, once they’ve found us, our clients keep coming back. Since 1995, we’ve published nine multi-client reports and over 2,500 pages of data and analysis on the telecom billing, OSS, and assurance arena.

Year Founded:  1994

Topic Coverage:

  • Business Support Services (BSS)
  • Operational Support Services (OSS)
  • Telecom Systems Integration
  • IT Services & Consulting
  • Next Generation Services
  • Billing & Charging
  • Telecom Data Warehousing & Customer Analytics
  • Customer Care & CRM
  • Telecom Revenue Management: Fraud, Revenue, Cost and Credit Management
  • Provisioning, Network Inventory, Order Management Systems
  • OSS Middleware and Telecom Systems Integration
  • Electronic Billing & Presentment Solutions

Contact Information:

Technology Research Institute (TRI)
4-25 Rocky Mountain Drive North
Effort of the Poconos, PA 18330

T: +1-570-620-2320




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