Reports From China

   Reports From China


Reports From China (RFC) publishes industry/market reports and company profiles about China. Our sources are among the biggest industry report publishers in China. We cover all 700 industries and 340,000 detailed sectors.

Our data is mainly provided by National Bureau of Statistics of China. (Other sources include relevant ministries, commissions and bureaus, industrial data, product data, import and export data, economic development data, enterprise data, and so on.) We also publish company profiles, containing contact and financial information for all companies in each industry.

Topic Coverage:

  • China
  • Communication Equipment, Computer and other electronic equipment manufacturing
  • Semiconductors
  • Internet
  • Digital Media
  • Telecommunications
  • Education
  • Advertising
  • Media

Contact Information:

615 Battery St, Suite 501
San Francisco, CA 94111

T:   +1.415.939.4331



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