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At Ptak, Noel & Associates we help IT organizations become “solution initiators” in using IT management technology to resolve business problems. We do this by translating vendor strategy & deliverables into a business context that is communicable and actionable by the IT manager, and by helping our clients understand how other IT organizations are effectively implementing solutions with their business counterparts.

Ptak/Noel tracks the IT management market as it evolves from individual silos of systems, network, application and database management tools into a comprehensive solution set that delivers, supports and protects business transactions, services and processes. As an  IT analyst firm we’re able to strategically focus on these requirements and benefits of Business Service Management (BSM) for both our vendor and consumer clients.

Topic Coverage:

  • Business Service Management (BSM)
  • Data Centers
  • Service Desk
  • Virtualization

Contact Information:

T:   603-672-9514



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