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NBI/Michael Sone Associates is a Canadian market research and consulting firm whose mission is to provide statistically-based, primary-sourced information on the Canadian telecommunications industry. In the complex environment of the communication market, NBI/Michael Sone Associates’s independent, full-service research information provides the vital tools for strategic and market planning.

Year Founded:  1977

Topic Coverage:

  • Canadian Internet Service Providers
  • Canadian Local Telecom & VoIP Services
  • Canadian Mobile Wireless Device Market
  • Canadian Mobile Wireless Communications Services
  • Canadian Data Communications Services
  • Canadian Hosting Market
  • Canadian Digital and IPTV
  • Canadian PBX Market

Contact Information:

193 Church Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1Y7

T: (416) 360-0424

Email:  msone@nbicanada.com

URL:   http://www.nbicanada.com/

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