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Koncept Analytics Pvt Ltd. is a leading Market Research Firm. We continue to evolve everyday with each new growth opportunity. We are a full-service market research company based in India and specialize in market research, business research, custom research, data collection and analysis.

As a premium business information and Market Research Company, which assists clients with a wide range of business research as well as custom research solutions, Koncept Analytics has marked its presence in the market in a very short span of time with a noticeable product portfolio and cutting-edge customer solutions.

Year Founded: 2005

Topic Coverage:

  • Custom market research

Contact Information:

CS – 36, Second Floor, Ansal Plaza, Vaishali
U.P., India

T:  +91 120 4130959

Email:    info@konceptanalytics.com

URL:   http://www.konceptanalytics.com/

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