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Many companies focus only on market research or management consulting. Since 1983, KS&R has provided the synergy of both disciplines, yielding strategic support grounded in accurate market knowledge. We offer our customers numerous assets: exceptional people, accurate and timely data collection, thorough and strategic analysis, a proactive support style, and commitment to exceed expectations. KS&R’s process ensures that our clients are fully supported from project inception to completion. The success of our clients measures how well we do our job. Our conclusions have guided high-level decision-makers worldwide. Our industry expertise includes communications, technology, health care, energy and utilities, financial services, and consumer products, to name a few. We understand the issues confronting individual industries and we have the capacity to address them effectively.

Year Founded: 1983

Topic Coverage:

  • Technology
  • Telecom
  • Transportation and Utilities
  • Banking, Insurance and Professional Services
  • Media and Advertising
  • Health and Pharmaceuticals

Contact Information:

KS&R Headquarters
120 Madison Street
15th Floor
Syracuse, NY 13202

T: 1-888-8KSRINC | 315-470-1350
F: 315-471-0115

Email:   hq@ksrinc.com

URL: http://www.ksrinc.com/

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