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J.Gold Associates is a Technology Analyst Firm providing its clients with insightful, meaningful and actionable analysis of trends in the computer and technology industries and the resultant implementation challenges that affect corporate operations. We maintain a broad based knowledge of the technology landscape and its implications for organizational strategies, and bring that expertise to bear in our work. We cover the needs of business users in enterprise and SMB markets, plus focus on emerging consumer technologies that will quickly be re-purposed to business use.

Topic Coverage:

  • Mobile Computing
  • Wireless
  • Mobile Content
  • Collaboration
  • Future of the digital office
  • Emerging personal technologies

Contact Information:

6 Valentine Rd
Northborough, MA 01532

T: 508-393-5294

Email:    jack.gold@jgoldassociates.com
URL:  http://www.jgoldassociates.com/

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