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IC Insights, Inc. is a leading semiconductor market research company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. Founded in 1997, IC Insights offers complete analysis of the integrated circuit (IC), optoelectronic, sensor/actuator, and discrete semiconductor markets with coverage including current business, economic, and technology trends, the impact of new products on the market, top supplier rankings, capital spending and wafer capacity trends, the impact of new semiconductor products on the market, and other relevant semiconductor industry information.

Topic Coverage:

  • Semiconductors

Contact Information:

IC Insights, Inc.
13901 North 73rd Street, Suite 205
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260-3125

T:   +1-480-348-1133
F:   +1-480-348-9745

Email:     info@icinsights.com

URL:   http://www.icinsights.com/

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