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The HR Chally Group was founded in 1973 through a grant from the United States Justice Department. The grant funded the creation of actuarial assessment techniques and a validation technology that accurately predicts on-the-job effectiveness.

Today Chally serves over 2,000 customers globally. Chally assessment services are offered in several languages and are available online via a Web-based system.

Customers invest in Chally solutions for improved candidate selection, employee and organization development, and to profitably increase sales performance. Chally sales growth solutions identify customer/market needs, competitor positioning, and sales force effectiveness.

Chally continues to fund and develop comprehensive research in sales and management development. Chally maintains the leading database of sales benchmarking information. To advance its core technologies, Chally has developed a sophisticated expert system to objectively evaluate candidates and predict customer-purchasing decisions.

Year Founded: 1973

Topic Coverage:

  • Sales
  • Management

Contact Information:

The HR Chally Group
3123 Research Blvd., Suite 250
Dayton, OH 45420

T:  937.259.1200
T:  1.800.254.5995 Toll free
F: 937.259.5757



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