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euroLAN are Industry Analysts and Consultants. Founded in 1993 and initially based in Paris, we specialise in assisting technology companies transform their channel and alliance partnerships, into a significant source of competitive advantage.

euroLAN commit to:

  • Clearly defined objectives
  • Open and effective two-way communication
  • Effective reporting
  • Guaranteed commitment
  • Results driven
  • Highest ethical standards
  • Vendor Independence

euroLANs mission is to help our clients optimise their routes to market. euroLANs goal is to maximise competitive advantage through channels and alliances whilst optimising competitive advantage through their return on partnering investment.

Year Founded: 1993

Topic Coverage:

  • Management Consultants
  • Computer System Vendors
  • International Distributors
  • Networking and Telecommunication equipment Vendors
  • Software Vendors
  • M&A Consultants
  • Service Providers
  • Financial Analysts

Contact Information:

5 Tollgate Drive
London, SE21 7LS
United Kingdom (UK)

T:  +44 20 86938693
F:  +44 20 86938694


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