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Research is conducted by highly experienced interviewers who are able to engage senior managers in detailed discussion about their business. In addition to obtaining sensitive quantitative information they are also able to engage the respondent in detailed discussions about their buying behaviour and underlying motivation, frequently covering territory of which the respondent had not previously been consciously aware. We use an iterative approach that is continually pushing to deeper levels of insight. Research is focussed on understanding buyer behaviour, and probing the underlying motivation behind this. Typically we find that there is much commonality in motivation between different European countries, but that there are significant differences in the actions taken by buyers of different nationalities, due to the structural and channel differences in each country. A summary of key results is usually promised to respondents at the end of the project, as an incentive for them to participate. The identity of the client is not normally revealed to respondents, in order to protect confidentiality and avoid biased responses.

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  • Qualitative and quantitative market research

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