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Data Mobility Group is a storage industry research firm. Data Mobility Group is the extension of the belief that IT development and investment decisions should be made by vendors and users—managers and technical professionals alike—working together to understand each other’s needs and the needs of the industry as a whole.

After years of working with some of the world’s best-known companies in and outside the storage industry, we put our beliefs into practice by building an organization that questions everything traditional analyst firms take for granted. The result, we believe, is a cost-effective, responsive, results-oriented research firm—one that is dedicated to helping clients anticipate, communicate, understand, and leverage shifts in storage technology as well as respond to evolving market requirements.

Year Founded:

Topic Coverage:

  • Storage
  • Data Management
  •  Disk Storage
  • Archiving
  • Backup
  • Data Recovery

Contact Information:

PO Box 322
Alstead, NH 03602

T: 1.603.574.4764

URL: http://www.datamobility

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