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Cyon Research is a consulting firm that provides design, engineering, construction, and manufacturing firms with a strategic outlook on the software tools and processes they rely on to create the world around us. Cyon Research also supports the vendor community with its fair and even-handed insight, vision, and expertise to help them understand the complex nature of their markets and grow, by serving the needs of their customer base.

Cyon Research brings to its clients a unique combination of experience, perspective, and insight, supported by an extensive network of well-established industry relationships. Our close contacts throughout the user, analyst, vendor, and developer communities provide surprising benefits for our clients and add significant value to our services.

Those relationships are enhanced by COFES. While consulting is the heart of our activities, COFES is our face and voice.COFES: The Congress on the Future of Engineering Software, our annual, invitation-only event—the place where we can make the types of connections that just aren’t possible through any other means than face-to-face. Research and interaction around COFES is a year-round effort that connects us daily, weekly, and monthly with the user and vendor communities. The focus of our research is software for design, engineering, construction, and manufacturing, in particular technologies and markets that are likely to become real within the next two to six years.

The domain of our research is the tools, processes, and procedures used in the design, engineering, management, and production of the built environment and manufactured goods.

Topic Coverage:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • CAD / CAM / CAE
  • PLM
  • BIM
  • Architecture

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