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Cutter Consortium is a unique IT advisory firm, comprising a group of more than 150 internationally recognized experts who have come together to offer research, consulting, training, and executive education to our clients. These experts are committed to delivering top-level, critical, and objective advice.

They have done, and are doing, groundbreaking work in organizations worldwide, helping companies deal with issues in the core areas of business-IT strategy, enterprise agility and innovation, agile software development and product and project management, enterprise architecture, business technology trends, risk management, metrics, team building and leadership development, business intelligence, social networking/Web 2.0, and sourcing.

Cutter’s goals are to further the thinking in business-technology and to help organizations leverage technology for competitive advantage and business success. We accomplish our mission by serving as a catalyst for collaboration between business-technology thought leaders worldwide and by giving clients access to this think tank through our content, training, and consulting — all of which is provided exclusively by the world’s leading business-IT experts.

Topic Coverage:

  • Agile Product & Project Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business-IT Strategies
  • Business Technology Trends & Impacts
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Risk Management & Governance
  • Government & Public Sector
  • Innovation & Enterprise Agility
  • Social Networking
  • Sourcing & Vendor Relationships

Contact Information:

37 Broadway, Suite 1
Arlington, Massachusetts 02474-5552

T: +1 781 648 8700
F: +1 781 648 8707



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