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Current Analysis provides Competitive Response Solutions that enable companies to effectively anticipate and counter competitive threats, and win more business. This is achieved through the rapid delivery of tactical, actionable intelligence to help fast-paced companies compete in the highly volatile telecommunications, networking, and business software markets. As the only company to provide comprehensive Competitive Response Solutions, Current Analysis is capable of supporting many roles across the organization. Sales teams, product managers, marketing professionals, and executives now have complete access to the business intelligence they need to be more competitive.

Unlike traditional research companies or strategic market intelligence firms, Current Analysis provides unique tactical competitive analysis that is designed for everyday use. For example, sales teams use our side-by-side product comparisons when competing on specific opportunities, and marketing groups use our in-depth market and company analysis to prepare marketing campaigns for competitive initiatives. Over 30,000 users have discovered our compelling value proposition and are using Current Analysis every day to win more business.

In addition to our in-depth qualitative research, Current Analysis combines many data sources of quantitative market, company, and product information into one comprehensive database, filters through the noise with category-specific industry analysts, and makes sense of the information for you—so that you don’t have to spend hours doing research and analysis. Instead, you can quickly adjust your strategy based on reliable data that has been gathered and analyzed for you.

Topic Coverage:

Business Network and IT Services

  • Data Center Services
  • Mobility Services
  • Network Access and VPN Services
  • Security Services
  • Voice and Unified Communications Services
  • Wholesale Services
  • Global Network Tracker
  • Business Technology and Software

Application Platforms

  • Collaboration Platforms
  • Data Center Technology
  • Enterprise Networking
  • Enterprise Security
  • Unified Communications and Contact Center
  • Consumer Portal
  • Consumer Devices
  • Cloud Computing


  • Personal Connected Devices
  • Digital Home Devices
  • Consumer Services

Consumer Services U.S.

Wireless Services – U.S.

  • Digital Home – U.S.
  • Consumer Services Europe
  • Mobile Broadband Europe Tracker
  • Service Provider Infrastructure

Digital Media Infrastructure

  • Fixed Access Infrastructure
  • IP Services Infrastructure
  • Mobile Access Infrastructure
  • Transport and Routing Infrastructure
  • Telecom Vendor Services Tracker
  • Mobile Ecosystem

Small Business Services – U.S.

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Sterling, VA 20164

T: +1 703 404 9200
Toll free: 877 787 8947
F: +1 703 404 9300

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