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ARCchart is an independent research and consulting firm focusing on all aspects of the wireless communications sector. Based in London, ARCchart’s depth and breadth of analysis provides a global perspective on wireless technology and industry developments.

Combining original thinking with exceptional knowledge and experience, ARCchart assists clients in making sound commercial decisions about technologies, market strategies and competitive positions. With strong roots in the tracking of M&A activity across the communications space, ARCchart’s strategic advice covers all aspects of the wireless value chain – ranging from semiconductors and WLANs to network operators, handsets and mobile applications. ARCchart is an affiliate of London-based investment bank ARC Associates.

Topic Coverage:

  • Wireless Communications
  • Mobile
  • Semiconductors
  • WLANs
  • Network operators
  • Handsets
  • Mobile applications

Contact Information:

78 York Street
United Kingdom (UK)

T:     +44(0) 33 00 88 1355
F:     +44(0) 33 00 88 1350

Email:    [email protected]


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